6 Things To Know When Buying RC Helicopters

Buying Remote Controlled (RC) Helicopters

The craze surrounding remote-controlled helicopters means that it is easy to fall under the spell of cool advertisements and find yourself craving a fun flying machine of your own.

The problem is that with so many different options and specifications to look at, it becomes a tough task to choose the one you like. This RC Helicopter buying guide will look at six key factors.

1. What Type Of Drone Pilot Are You After?

Some drones are simple, kid-friendly toys with basic controls and functions while others are more complex, a hobby-

RC helicopter buying guidegrade models with more versatility in the commands.

Your choice here can depend on not only the cost – as these specific models are more expensive – but also on your reason for buying it and your skill level. There are some micro coaxial models and RC quadcopters in the middle of the range with varying levels of difficulty and functions.

There are some micro coaxial models and RC quadcopters in the middle of the range with varying levels of difficulty and functions.

2. What Is It Made From?

helicopter buying guideAfter considering whether you want a high-end model or a toy, you need to think about its construction.

Toys for beginners are often made from tougher materials and plastics to allow for crashes.

Other options will use lighter materials to improve the efficiency in the air, such as aluminum and carbon fiber.

It also helps to consider how it has been constructed. A fully-assembled model is a must for newcomers, but hobbyists may prefer a kit.

3. How Is It Powered?

helicopter buyingThe energy source is crucial but also easy to overlook. Battery power, glow fuel, gasoline, and turbine engines are all used across the range for a different way of getting some height, and they have their pros and cons.

Batteries are the most common approach with the more affordable drones because of safety, convenience and the lack of noise.

Continuing advancements also mean that lithium polymer batteries are catching up with glow fuel and providing improved flight times.

4. How Many Channels Does It Have?

3 channel rc helicopter buying guideThis question may catch some newcomers off guard because it is easy to forget that multiple commands on a drone mean multiple transmission channels.

The more that are available, the greater its function and maneuverability. Three-channel models can allow users to perform tricks or fly in reverse.

The problem is that that this also means there is a lot more to learn so beginners may be better off sticking to two-channel options.

5. What Accessories And Add-Ons Are Provided?

RC Helicopter Accesories buyingDrones are about so much more than learning to fly these days, so it helps to look into the additional parts that are available to enhance the experience. The most obvious extra here is the use of a camera for aerial photography and filmmaking.

The most obvious extra here is the use of a camera for aerial photography and filmmaking.

Many of these helicopters have some form of the camera included these days, but the quality varies across the price range. It is also worth noticing to see if the camera is permanent or on the amount in case you want to upgrade in the future.

6. Are The Parts Widely Available?

RC helicopter guideIf you are looking to build and fly drones and helicopters as a serious hobby, you should also take a look at spare parts and upgrades.

The trial and error of learning to fly can lead to some wear and tear that will need fixing with replacement plates, batteries, and landing skids.

With time, these features and the blades can be upgraded for better options as you improve your confidence and skills.

Buying Your New RC Helicopter

Once you have a decision about what kind of drone you are looking for and the different elements of the specification, you need to find the right supplier. There are plenty of online stores that sell a vast range of models at competitive prices – some new, some used – as well as the maker’s sites.

You may also wish to look at specialist hobby shops that can advise you on the different parts and features, especially if you may be making a return visit for parts and upgrades in the future.

You can choose any of the ways but on the end, you are sure to find a model that suits your needs – whether you are looking for a basic toy with simple flying functions or a more versatile drone with tricks and a camera. Consider your preferences, do your research with this 6- RC Helicopter buying guide tips in mind and you may be on the road to a rewarding new hobby.

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