What You Should Know Before Spending Money On A Quadcopter!

Because you’re here, we think you’re seeking the best quadcopter potential for the money. However, you probably recognize tons of drones on the market — racing drones, sport drones, drones for photography, cheap toy drones, etc.

So you have to decide for yourself what quadcopter category is the one that best fits your needs.  Each model in these categories is chosen based on its attributes, quality, value, user reviews, and ease of use. They all have their strengths and weaknesses, but in our opinion, these are the best drones you can purchase in 2021, which means you can not go … Read the rest

Best Camera Drone

Tips For Buying The Best Camera Drone

Today we are going to share tips for buying the best camera drone for you. What are they, and who uses them? Some call them “drones“, some mark the label “quadcopters” as a common term–they can comprise any number of rotors or planes –the FAA names them “unmanned aerial systems” (UAS). Some would instead call them”unmanned aerial vehicles” (UAVs), a neutral term wide enough to securely include the entire extent, from Hubsan nano drones up to military and commercial aircraft having the weight of hundreds of pounds and nearly the size of … Read the rest

pilot with RC helicopter

RC Helicopter Buying Guide 2019

RC Helicopter Lingo

Just to get you started let’s review the lingo.  As you read this buying guide you will see these abbreviations as well as on other websites. You need to learn and know what function it serves.

FP: fixed pitch

Simple propellor set at installation, cannot be adjusted during flight.

CP: collective pitch

the angle of the rotor blade can be changed to assist with the lift.

CCPM: Cyclic, Collective, Pitch Mixing

cyclic, collective pitch mixing–a digital control system using three servos aligned nearby the swashplate to unite elevator, aileron, and collective-pitch functions.

ARF: Almost Ready to Fly

Read the rest
RC Helicopters

What To Look For When Researching RC Helicopters

RC helicopters immediately seem like a great option for anyone learning to fly. They are fun toys for children that may progress to a drone flying as they grow up. They are also a nice starting point for adults starting their learning experience or building projects.

Even so, there are many models out there with different pros and cons for newcomers. This is why it is so important to research options carefully before committing to an expensive purchase.

The following is a list of key considerations to keep in mind.… Read the rest

RC helicopters buying guide

Top 6 RC Helicopters For Beginners

Choosing your first UAV can be a tricky process, not only are there increasing numbers of brands and models out there competing at different price points, there are different types of aircraft. The first instinct for many newcomers is to go for a drone.

These quadcopter models are big, flashy and are very popular right now – especially if they are top models with the best cameras and controls. The problem is that buying a high-end drone is a little like jumping off a cliff for the first time.

The safest option is to go for an RC helicopter and … Read the rest

RC Helicopters buying

6 Things To Know When Buying RC Helicopters

Buying Remote Controlled (RC) Helicopters

The craze surrounding remote-controlled helicopters means that it is easy to fall under the spell of cool advertisements and find yourself craving a fun flying machine of your own.

The problem is that with so many different options and specifications to look at, it becomes a tough task to choose the one you like. This RC Helicopter buying guide will look at six key factors.… Read the rest

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