DJI Phantom 3 Professional Review

DJI Phantom 3 Professional

DJI is known for its innovation in drone design. As the name of one of their latest models suggests, the DJI Phantom 3 Professional is the one to buy for those that have a professional interest in taking their camera drone skills to the next level.

The Phantom 3 Pro offers market-norm flight times, a 3-axis gimbal and HD camera, top-of-the-line flight controller, excellent flight mechanics, and the best quality live streaming HD video in the market today.

Quality Build And The Ease Of Flight

Before delving into the details of the specifications, it is important to note that this product is one of the most expensive and useful models around right now. This means that there is a limited audience, but there is also the sense that the money has mostly been put to good use.

The first obvious example of this is in construction. Both the drone and the remote are robust and durable, so there is little concern about breakages should it ever crash.

The other key benefit here is in the little details that have been included to improve the flying experience. The use of sensors is ideal for those that want a little extra convenience, and this is seen in the inclusion of the GPS, automated flight modes and “return-to-home” function.

The addition of the customizable remote is also fun for those that want to make adjustments to suit their flying style. Essentially, this model seems as though it belongs in the air. The brushless motors are powerful, yet precise, and there is a surprising sense of control and agility to this model. Hovering is also a breeze thanks to the combination of the self-tightening propellers and air braking mechanisms.


One of the reasons that buyers are so keen to buy this DJI model over some of the other, less-expensive ones, are the features.  There is the sense that this drone, with its camera functions, sensors, and high-end construction, can provide a better-rounded, enjoyable experience than some cheaper models, but buyer experiences show that there are still a few flaws.

One of the biggest concerns with this model is the battery. On the one hand, there are some interesting features here that make it quite desirable, such as the “intelligent” flight battery. The problem is that the battery life is far too short for many users’ needs, restricting flight times.

Some users have chosen to use a spare battery to ensure the best experience. Four LED charge indicators to remain visible to the operator while the drone is in the air, so there is at least little risk of it cutting out without warning, and the unit charges back up with relatively quick thanks to the wall outlet.

Another consideration for keen photographers lies in those camera functions. The camera itself is really good with a lot of potential for great shots. It has a 20 mm wide-angle lens and 4k video capture – which is beyond the expectations of many first-timers – and a three-axis gimbal.

The image quality of this video recording is pretty much impossible to beat right now and it appears as though the potential for shots is incredible. The problem is that the camera doesn’t pan left to right. This is a strange oversight on a model where so much effort has been put into the photographic features.

DJI Phantom 3 review guide

Why Should You Buy This DJI Phantom 3 Professional?

There is a lot to love about this drone, and this is immediately evident once buyers take it on their first test flight. The combination of the mechanisms, constructions, and sensors allows for a smooth, controlled flight, and there is that added benefit of the 4K video capture.

Some aspects could be tweaked to get the very best experience, and it might pay to invest in an additional battery if you are looking for long flight times, but this DJI machine still offers an incredible experience for those that are willing to spend the money for it.

Update: This model is no longer in production. DJI suggests you take a look at the Phantom 4 Pro or DJI Mavic Air.

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