Syma S107-H RC Helicopter Review

There are aspects to the Syma S107H RC Helicopter that will make some prospective buyers question its full potential as a helicopter: it is designed to be used primarily as an indoor model, the shape and design are pretty compact and simple, and it is one of the most affordable options out there.

 What makes this model different from other “toy” copters, however, is the use of materials, the quality of the flight and some extra conveniences.

Nice And Simple Design

Many drones are designed as the ideal first model for kids, but it should be noted that Syma has put a recommended age limit of 8 years and upon this model.

Syma S107-G reviewThis 3-channel drone has many of the standard, basic controls on the two joysticks, but there is also a trim dial to improve the stability. This may take some practice if you are used to more simplistic transmitters.

Once all the controls have been mastered, this helicopter can offer a smooth flight with impressive motion in the blades and turns.

Buyers are given excellent control over the speed and strength of turns and maneuvers, which again requires some time and patience.

After a while, users can carry out some impressive tricks and controlled flights, but the lightweight of the drone and sensitivity means that it is easy to lose control at first.


One feature that may surprise some new buyers is the strength of this model. The majority of the drone is constructed from plastic, so it is still light and agile, but the tail and skids are made from much more durable aluminum for extra protection on bad landings.

There is also the added benefit of the battery – both regarding the flight time and charging process. Many low-cost models have a short battery life, but this S107-H can be up n the air for between 10 and 15 minutes.

When it dies, users simply need to use the USB cable and plug it into their PC or laptop. In around 30 minutes, the LED indicator should light up to show users that it is ready to go again. Furthermore, there is a secondary cable that attaches to the controller.

Is This Syma S107-H RC Helicopter Worth Buying?

It is clear that there is a learning curve to this product that takes it beyond the toy category and the capabilities of younger children, and this means that it has greater appeal to teens that want a fun product with a bit more flying potential.

There is also the sense that this model offers great value for money because there are plenty of finely-tuned controls and helpful features for the low price. With all of this combined, this Syma helicopter becomes highly desirable to a wide range of consumers looking for their first UAV.  If you need additional help selecting your RC helicopter ready our buying guide.

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