Syma S108G 3.5 Channel RC Helicopter Review

Some RC helicopters are made for the professionals and keen hobbyists that want to spend hours learning how to fly complex UAVs; others are more simplistic and are made for those that just want to have a little fun.

The small, indoor-friendly,¬†Syma S108G 3.5 Channel RC helicopter with Gyro is an example of the latter. This 318g helicopter, which measures in at 22×6.1×9.4cm, has a 3.7v 100mAh Lithium-polymer (Li-Po) Battery with USB charging wire, three bands on the remote and impressive design.


In many ways, this Syma Helicopter is little more than a fun toy for those that like the idea of having a remote controlled helicopter and are less interested in the mechanics of flight.

Syma RC Helicopter reviewThe most obvious representation of this is in the design – it is not called the Marine Cobra Gyro for anything. This drone is modeled on the COBRA helicopter and has blinking LED lights for added drama.

There is also the fact that this budget model is made out of plastic; however this choice of materials has its benefits as well as its limitations.

This is not a sturdy, capable machine for use outdoors – where a strong gust of wind could send the chopper hurtling off course – but it is still quite agile in tight spaces, and the plastic has enough flexibility and strength to withstand a few crashes.

This is ideal for the newcomers testing the drone out in their living rooms and kids that are more interested in high-risk military operations than controlled flight. It is also important to note that direct sunlight can also cause problems when using the infrared controls, so it is safer to stay indoors with this model.

Controls And Functions

The flight functions of this model are not all that complicated – with the basic ability to climb, move forward and backward and make turns – and the design of the joysticks makes hovering a lot easier.

The model still requires plenty of practice for that perfect flight because of the surprising amount of speed and power in this device, but that is what that durable plastic construction is for.

Buyers should also be aware that that drone has a short flight time of 5-6 minutes, but takes just 20-30 minutes to charge up via that USB wire.

Is This Syma S108G 3.5 Channel RC Helicopter With Gyro Worth The Money?

Some buyers have queried the price tag on this “budget” toy model because of the simple nature of some of the controls, but there are little details that show that it is worth the money.

This small increase in power, speed and agility can make a big difference, there are key aspects of the electronic gyro system, and it seems to be built to last. This construction, the simple controls, and the great design mean this indoor model could be a great starting point for many newcomers.

Post Author: Ethan Thompson

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