What To Look For When Researching RC Helicopters

RC helicopters immediately seem like a great option for anyone learning to fly. They are fun toys for children that may progress to a drone flying as they grow up. They are also a nice starting point for adults starting their learning experience or building projects.

Even so, there are many models out there with different pros and cons for newcomers. This is why it is so important to research options carefully before committing to an expensive purchase.

The following is a list of key considerations to keep in mind.

Five important considerations for anyone looking to purchase RC helicopters:

1) What Type Of Helicopter Are You After?

The first thing to know is that with these RC helicopters, drones, and other UAVs is that there are lots of different options.

On the lower end of the scale, there are the models that are essentially toy helicopters with remote controls. At the higher end of the scale are the quadcopters with higher functionality. It is best to start small and progress when starting out.

The bigger complex models have a significant learning curve. Each style then brings a range of models and brands. This is where it pays to start comparing the specifications to see which is the better fit.

Type of Helicopter

2) How Much Do You Want It To Do?

With this in mind, all new pilots need to understand what it is they are looking for in RC helicopters. This way the key features and omissions become apparent in the specifications and descriptions.

It is important to remember one simple rule. The more channels the drone has, the more it can do. Each channel relates to a command. Therefore, multi-channel options can move in different directions, hover and roll more easily.

From there, consumers can look at the other features onboard.

Is there the chance to add a GoPro?

Does a kid-friendly model have lights and noises to add to the fun?

3) What Is The Power Source?

One of the most important things to look for when considering these features is the power supply. The battery for RC helicopters is as important as the rotors and transmitter. It needs a reliable source of energy to keep it in the air.

Many keen pilots recommend models with GlowFuel batteries for a longer, more reliable flight. The best brands should give an indication of the average flight time and distance of a model.

Customer reports on RC helicopters may, however, be more accurate. It helps to compare this time limit to the time it takes to recharge and get back in the air. How long do users have to wait around before they can launch it again?

4) What About The Construction Of The Model?

A good battery with long life, long flight time and these multi-channel transmitters are often a sign of good quality. At the same time, buyers do need to consider the construction of the model and its potential durability.

The last thing anyone wants is to buy an expensive model, crash it and see it shatter into pieces. The specification should give a good impression of the materials used. It can also highlight any crash-resistant bumpers and features.

Some RC helicopters are carefully designed for potential impact because designers know they are beginner options. Also, buyers should remember that some models come pre-made and ready to fly, while others are kits.

The kits are perfect for keen builders looking for an electronics project. However, there is the risk of human error in the construction.

MultiChannel Transmitters

5) Can You Upgrade It In The Future?

This idea of kits and projects for hobbyists leads to the final consideration for anyone thinking of buying RC helicopters. Is there any chance of upgrading it?

Some newcomers that want to learn about the machines and build their skills may enjoy this. It could be beneficial to start with a basic model or kit, learn to fly, then add new elements with time. This all depends on the scope of adaptability.

Can users remove key components with ease and add new ones? Also, are those current parts replaceable with parts from a hobby shop if they break?

For many, this is not a short-term toy. This is an investment to work with and adapt. This is why it pays to spend so much time considering the technical specs and functions of RC helicopters before buying.

Post Author: Ethan Thompson

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